Puffy sleeves and an open back

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Sometimes you come across a piece that you just have to have. You have nowhere to wear it and definitely don’t need it, but it’s coming home with you. That’s how I felt when I came across this dress. I had been eyeing it for awhile, but when I recently saw that it went on sale, I pulled the trigger.

Once I put it on, I realized that I could dress it up or down. You don’t need a special occasion after all! Last Saturday night I wore it to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town, Javier’s, but you could totally wear it to a summer wedding as well!

I’m realizing that I have so many clothes that I love but feel I need a “special occasion” to wear them. But why? I need to wear what makes me happy and feel good! Put on the dress you’ve been saving, gals, and have some fun!

Thanks for stopping by! XO, MS

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