Friday Finds


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Well, first of all Target has great pieces for your home. When it comes to accessories, lighting and bath essentials, they’ve got it all. I found the perfect frames for our den area, so I had to share.

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| Glossier Boy Brow |

My roommate just started using this brow jell, and she loves it. Although, she wishes she would’ve gotten a shade lighter. She also got the Green Galaxy face mask.

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| Pixel Glasses |

As you can see I learn a lot from my friends, and a few of them just ordered these glasses by Pixel. They help protect your eyes from the blue light of the computer. If you look at a computer screen all day, these are worth the purchase, and you get a 30 risk free trial! They also happen to be super cute, so you can make a fashion statement while you’re at it.

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| The Beautiful Word |

My grandparents just gave me this devotional, and I love it. It gives you a verse to study each day, a couple of paragraphs of teaching and space to write. If you’re in need of a new devotional, I highly recommend this one.

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| Needlepoint Pillow |

My mom gave me this needlepoint pillow as a reminder of my fun summer in London, and it’s the perfect addition to my room.

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