Friday Finds


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Screen Protector

I know this is nothing new, but I highly encourage you to invest in a screen protector for your iPhone. I have dropped mine one too many times and finally repaired the screen and added a screen protector to avoid anymore cracks.

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Food Containers

After the first week of work, I’m realizing it is very important to bring food for lunch rather than eating. Not only is it more economical, it is also most likely better for you. I have a few containers that I will bring my lunch in everyday.

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Rosebud Salve

A friend gave me this lip balm, and I’m obsessed. It doesn’t go on sticky and adds a nice shine to your lips. Click the link to buy!

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Wednesday started the annual Zara summer sale!!!! And I couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been following along for really any amount of time, you know how much I love Zara. I will post all of my favorite pieces from the sale tomorrow, Saturday, so be on the lookout for that post!

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