Friday Finds



My mother and I found these delightful chairs at an antique store in Memphis. They will pair nicely with the dining table and bench we have in our new apartment in Dallas, AND what’s even better is that we got them for a bargain! We may even recover the cushions to brighten the space.

I just returned from Nashville to visit a friend, and my oh my how I love this city. I got the grand tour even though I’ve been there a thousand times and somehow missed many amazing spots. We visited Downtown Franklin, Pancake Pantry (of course) and Percy Warner Park to name a few. Can’t wait to visit you again, RC!

One of my goals for the few weeks I’m home is to clean out my room. This is quite the task because I’m quite the hoarder. I found a coupon from 2002, an assignment book from middle school and my glasses from second grade. As you can see, it’s time to move on. Goodwill and Plato’s Closet have become my new best friends.

I have been able to get rid of 5 trash bags worth of stuff and it feels great. This is spring cleaning at its finest.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.24.40 PM

Anthropologie has the cutest cards. Whether it’s a thank you note, congratulations or mother’s day, Anthropologie has a card for you. You can find them sold separately or in packs. Send someone snail mail! Who doesn’t like receiving a letter?

Blue Jean Baby


| top | denim | shoes | watch |

I’m in love with these pants. They are the perfect weight, have a little give and can be worn all seasons. I’ve had these pants for a week, and I’ve already worn them three times. I’ve paired them with the blouse above, a graphic tee tucked in and a cropped blouse. Heels, sandals and sneakers are a perfect match too.

photos by: Eileen Barrett



| tee (other) (other) | pants | choker |

So, I love consignment stores. You can find some of the greatest and most unique items with just a little searching. My favorite consignment stores in Dallas are Luxury Garage Sale and To Be Continued (where my mom and I found this tee). I’ve purchased Hermes scarves, a Derek Lam dress and Mother denim overalls, and I paid less than half the price of retail! Consignment stores are also a great way to get rid of items you don’t wear anymore, and make a little cash too. I’ve attached standout items from these stores below:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

We all know I’m not edgy but this outfit came pretty close.

photos by: Eileen Barrett

Refreshing Round Up: Afternoon Snacks You’ll Need This Summer

You Dallas natives know just how hot it gets in the summer, and you newcomers will find out quickly how unbearable it can be. The average high temperature for the months of June, July and August is 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a temperature that high, you will need a way to cool off, and unfortunately not everyone has a pool in his or her backyard. Dallas is home to many refreshing sweet-treat dining options.

Steel City Pops

steel city
Steel City Pops, courtesy of Steel City Pops’s Instagram.

Steel City Pops situated on Lower Greenville Avenue serves over 22 creamy and fruity all-natural and certified organic popsicles. No artificial sugars or flavors are added. With each season comes new flavors. The classics include chocolate, avocado, peanut butter, strawberry lemonade and sweet tea selling for $3 a pop. Steel City Pops also sells cookie pops with chocolate chip cookies and brownies inside. There are four other Dallas area locations to get your popsicle fix, and make sure you grab a handful of napkins on your way out – you’ll need them.

Chills 360

Rolled ice cream, courtesy of Chills 360’s Facebook.

If you haven’t tried rolled ice cream, you need to add it to your summer bucket list. Chills 360 is the first Dallas restaurant to serve rolled ice cream. Each order is made individually to the customer’s taste. With eight options on the menu and over a dozen toppings from which to choose, no order is the same. The liquid base is poured onto a cold slab and then the toppings are mixed in. The cream slowly hardens and is then rolled into five cylinders. Chills 360 is definitely worth the wait.

  • 2646 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

The Grove at Harwood

Snow cone, courtesy of The Grove at Harwood’s Instagram.

In the Harwood District, you’ll find a red food truck called The Grove that serves snow cones for adults and children. With over 25 flavors, including bubblegum, Georgia peach and tiger’s blood, to choose from, customers are bound to find at least one they like. For those 21 and up, the adult flavors have an added ingredient. The Bourbon Bomber has cola flavor with Maker’s Mark bourbon. The Pretty Woman includes strawberry flavor with whipped cream vodka. If those don’t sound refreshing, maybe The Drunken Smurf, blue raspberry flavor topped with berry vodka, will cool you off. If you stick around, you can play sand volleyball or a round of corn hole, too. The Grove is now open for the spring and summer season.

  • 3019 McKinnon St, Dallas, TX 75201

Encanto Pops

Encanto popsicle, courtesy of Encanto Pop’s Instagram.

Encanto Pops is a paleteria located in the Bishop Arts District. The company serves cream and water based pops including Mexican chocolate, cookies and lime, beets and soursop and watermelon and hibiscus. These aren’t your average ice cream flavors found at TCBY. Encanto Pops is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 8pm – perfect for an afternoon stroll through Bishop Arts.

  • 831 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

The Highland Park Soda Fountain

hp soda
Chocolate milkshake, courtesy of the Highland Park Soda Fountain website.

The Highland Park Soda Fountain has been feeding families for over a century, and its “world famous” milkshakes are still served in frosty glasses. The overflow is served in a metal container to top off your shake. Step back in time for an afternoon filled with memorabilia from over the decades.

  • 3229 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205

If you’re planning on sticking around Dallas this summer, be sure to keep these places in mind.

Friday Finds

Africa Clutch

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 5.23.13 PM

I love the beadwork on this clutch. The vibrant colors are perfect for the summer and can be paired with almost anything. I envision wearing this with denim and a blue blouse.

Eberjey PJ Set

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 5.42.29 PM

Eberjey makes the softest most comfy pajamas ever. There are many styles but my favorite is the short set, and the Palm Trees are my favorite Eberjey pattern this season!

Adidas Running Shoe

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.44.45 PM

These Adidas kicks are my new favorite running shoes. There is ample support for the toe and heel and has a lip that doesn’t slide around. Highly recommended!

Paris Print

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.26.52 AM.png

As I get ready to move into my first apartment, I’m looking for accessories to make it feel like a home. This Parisian print reminds me of time I’ve spent there and the trips I hope to go on in the future.

(click the titles to shop each item)

Spring it On


| top | pants (inexpensive option) | vest | shoes |

The majority of the outfits I put together on a regular basis mix brands, trends, and price points. You all know I love Zara, and you’ve probably realized by now that I also love nice things – don’t we all. If you don’t feel like committing to a trend, why not try it out by getting an inexpensive version. If you’re over it before the trend has even started, have no fear – you didn’t spend an arm and a leg. This blouse is from Zara, but you can find similar more expensive options on Shopbop and Revolve.

I’ve incorporated many of my favorite trends and pieces into this look. My coveted Old Navy denim vest goes with me everywhere, on every trip. I love ruffles and feminine details which are incorporated in both the blouse and pants. Lastly, gingham is one of my favorite patterns to wear. No matter if it’s small or bold, it makes a plain outfit not so plain.

photos by: Eileen Barrett

Friday Finds

I want to start a new segment on my blog entitled “Friday Finds.” Here I will share my favorite items of the week. They may be new items, a restaurant I tried, or a piece of home decor. Who knows… I hope you ride along on this adventure with me.

North Star Stud Earrings

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.08.56 PM

I’m obsessed with these diamond and starburst earrings. They come in 14k yellow, white and rose gold. You can wear them everyday or dress them up. They are $240 a pair.

Textured Stripe Swimsuit

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.13.04 PM

I love that the one piece is back in style. First of all they are just so easy to wear. No slips will happen when you’re all locked into this swimsuit. I love the bow detail in the back, too.


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.29.14 PM

Memphis residents and tourists have a new place to hang out! RailGarten, located in Midtown, has something for everyone. From the ice cream parlor and cocktail lounge to the indoor ping pong bar and the outdoor sand volleyball court. There is even outdoor music and the largest tire swing that even the adults will want to swing on. I can’t wait to go back!

Red Stripe Denim

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.17.36 PM

This twist on your average white denim will make your spring and summer looks. Pair with any blue button down or a ruffled blouse, and you’ve got your summer go-to look.

Ferris Wheel Tee

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.16.49 PM

Okay, how cute is this embroidered tee? Tuck into a denim bottom, slip on your Adidas tennies or favorite mules and you’re out the door.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what else you would like to see here.


Red Dress, Favorite Dress


| dress (other) (other) (other) | wedges | clutch |

This might have to be my favorite dress I own. I love the details incorporated from the ruffled shoulder to the built-in choker. Unfortunately, this designer, Alexis, is typically on the pricier end, but you’re in luck! I found similar options on Rent the Runway and on the Outnet. These would be perfect for a wedding or a night out.

Also, happy 2nd birthday to the blog! I’ve loved every second of sharing my favorite pieces with you all!

photos by: Eileen Barrett

The Gingham Trend


| dress | c/o Akola necklace | shoes 1 and 2 |

Hop on the gingham trend! You won’t be disappointed. After a little self reflection, I’ve realized that some of my favorite pieces are gingham. You can find anything in this pattern from shoes, to bags, to bathing suits. I’ll show you the way I’ve styled it and other pieces you may enjoy!

Also, make sure you check out the Akola Project. They gave me this beautiful necklace. Not only does this organization sell beautiful jewelry, it also helps empower women all over the world.

| tank | blouse | jumpsuit | one piece | button down | dress | clutch | slides | sandal | skirt |

Previous gingham pieces I’ve worn: 1, 2, 3

photos by: Eileen Barrett and Mae Amanda Murrell