Tie Dye cont.


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Okay so we got this tie dye sweatshirt in at work and I just had to… Last week I said I was going to try to keep my tie dye purchases to a minimum, and I’ve already failed! This sweatshirt is SUPER cozy and the perfect cropped length for high waisted shorts and jeans. Unfortunately, I can’t find this exact one online, so I’ve linked similar options. I hope you find one you like! Also, my sunglasses are on major sale, so I suggest you take a look at those as well!

Happy Memorial Day! XO, MS


To Tie Dye For

IMG_5015 2

| tee | jeans | headband | sandals |

Are you loving the tie dye trend?! Because I am! I’ve sprinkled tie dye into my wardrobe in a few ways: a workout top, a sweatsuit and this tee. I’m trying not to go overboard, but the bright colors are hard to resist. I’ve had friends make their own tie dye pieces too which have all turned out really cute (using a kit by this brand.)

This tee is the perfect cropped length for any of your high waisted shorts and pants. I’ve even paired it with a white tennis skirt for after dinner walks. How have you incorporated tie dye into your wardrobe?

I hope you have a safe and healthy weekend! XO, MS

Target Round Up

Hi, friends! I hope you all had a happy Easter weekend! As you can imagine, things were pretty laid back around here. We’ve eaten lots of chocolate and had a delicious beef tenderloin supper. My brother, Myatt, has been leading us in daily workouts that I hope we continue, but Y’ALL I’m sore!

I wanted to share another round up with y’all today, and this time I’m highlighting Target – THE best! Everything is reasonably priced, and almost everything comes in a variety of colorways. Be sure to click the links below!

Hope you have a great week. XO, MS

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