Consistent Staples


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These are pieces that I have consistently worn over the last few months. They are basics, versatile and of course, adorned with ruffles. Sadly, my skirt and tee are no longer available, but I linked some similar and just as fabulous pieces. The jacket can be paired over just about anything including dresses and athleisure. I can’t wait to wear the skirt with sweaters and boots as it gets colder. My options are endless, and your’s can be too.





| tee (other) (other) | pants | choker |

So, I love consignment stores. You can find some of the greatest and most unique items with just a little searching. My favorite consignment stores in Dallas are Luxury Garage Sale and To Be Continued (where my mom and I found this tee). I’ve purchased Hermes scarves, a Derek Lam dress and Mother denim overalls, and I paid less than half the price of retail! Consignment stores are also a great way to get rid of items you don’t wear anymore, and make a little cash too. I’ve attached standout items from these stores below:

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We all know I’m not edgy but this outfit came pretty close.

photos by: Eileen Barrett