Neutral Linen Dress


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I’m throwing it back to Mexico in July where it was as hot as it is in Dallas today. The heat seems to linger here. And because it does, I keep my summer clothes in rotation. As we inch through September, I’ll start to pair some of my favorite summer dresses with camel booties and the occasional denim jacket. This is a great way to get more wear out of what you’ve got!

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Friday Finds: Mexico edition


Today, I’m recapping my trip to Mexico while wishing I was still there! First Henry and I flew into Cancun and drove about an hour to our first hotel, Hotel Esencia. I can’t say better things about this place! Every single person that works here is incredibly kind and attentive. No matter what we needed, they handled it! My two favorites, Jorge and Rojillo, went above and beyond. They treated us like royalty and wanted us to enjoy EVERY second of our vacation.


Esencia is located on a secluded beach just south of Playa del Carmen. I stayed in a room surrounded by jungle with iguanas and pastries waiting on my doorstep each morning. When the trees break, you are standing on soft white sand. There are three restaurants on the property. The first two are casual options that sit next to the beach and pools. Rojillo will bring lunch to your beach chair if you prefer to eat there! The third restaurant is called Beefbar – a meat lover’s dream with a Michelin star winning team. I can still taste the truffle whipped potatoes!!! Our entire meal was perfection.


Hotel Esencia’s lifeguard took us snorkeling in a lagoon and then in a cove with brackish water, where fresh water and salt water meet. We saw some beautiful fish! Henry and I also caught triggerfish and redfish while deep sea fishing, but let’s be honest, he caught most of them. We had so much fun being on the water!


Our next stop was Tulum, just 45 minutes south of Hotel Esencia. If you can’t tell from social media, it’s the place to be, and this is their SLOW season!! We stayed at Be Tulum, and just like Esencia, you can stay in a room surrounded by jungle or facing the beach. You can’t go wrong with either! They have a fabulous restaurant on the beach and a fun rooftop bar overlooking the water. One night we went to a restaurant called Gitano, recommended by friends, that is known for their cocktails, live music and delicious bites. If you find yourself in Tulum, go here on a Friday night!


On our last day in Mexico, we took a private tour through two cenotes – limestone surfaces that conceal bodies of water. You can visit open, closed and partially open cenotes that provide the perfect swimming and diving holes. Sac Actun and Taak Bi Ha were the two cenotes we visited. Bushman Photography¬†showed us these beautiful caves and the clearest water I’ve ever seen. They are sacred to the Mayan culture, and now I know why! Visit Bushman’s website to find all of the tours they offer.


Henry, let’s go back ASAP!

The best embroidered dress


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First of all, how dreamy is this backdrop? Hotel Esencia, just north of Tulum, Mexico, is the most serene place I’ve ever stayed. Iguanas greeted me every morning on my doorstep, and the private beach was only steps away. I can’t talk about this place without mentioning the five star service and the kind people who work there. I already miss Jorge’s and Rojo’s smiling faces!!

Now onto my outfit… This was the perfect dress to bring to Mexico. It was not only breathable in the intense heat but mimicked the embroidery you find on traditional Mexican dresses. I paired it with the orange straw bag and my tried and true gold espadrilles. What am I going to do when these fall apart?