Custom Crossbody Bags


| blouse | jeans: savesplurge | crossbody | loafers: save & splurge | headband |

I love being able to customize something – whether that’s bedding, a bag or a planner. You can make it your own, something that no one else has! I picked out the color scheme, monogram, strap and font size of this bag and couldn’t be happier with it. This is a great personalized Christmas gift if you need an idea for your sister, mom or friend! Here are a few other customizable items that Leatherology offers!

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Painted Accessories


| blouse (similar) | jeans | sneakers | crossbody | sunnies | earrings |

Hand painted accessories are EVERYWHERE right now! Both local artists and designer brands are partaking in this trend, so why don’t you? Almost everything on Leatherology can be customized – from your phone case to your suitcase. Away is offering painted initials on travel gear, and of course you can’t forget about Louis Vuitton‘s customized totes.

Share your painted accessories with me!


Anyone else happy it’s already humpday???


Second Hand


| blouse (2) | pants (2) (3) (4) (5) | crossbody | shoes |

Some of my favorite items and standout pieces come from designer consignment stores. I have found them selling at less than half of retail – even when brand new. I seek out these stores when I’m traveling because you never know what you may find.

I purchased these Marissa Webb wide leg crops from a Dallas consignment store, Clothes Circuit. Unfortunately, I can’t link the exact pair, but I found similar.

Do you shop at consignment stores? Does it weird you out to wear someone else’s clothes? Or do you get overwhelmed by the large amount of inventory? My trick is: just try it on. Something may look awful on the hanger but look great on you. Often the opposite happens. I will have high hopes for a garment, and it just doesn’t fit right. Remember, you are looking for buried treasure!

Here are some of my favorite online consignment stores and designer liquidators if you haven’t found a local store you like!

  1. The Real Real
  2. Luxury Garage Sale
  3. The Outnet
  4. United Apparel Liquidators