Engagement Photos + Outfit Details

MS: | dress | boots: 1, 2, 3, 4 | earrings | curling iron |

H: | sport coat | shirt | jeans | boots |

Henry and I took our engagement photos in early November at SMU and Lakeside Park – both places we love and have spent a lot of time. We used Perez Photography, and we are so glad that we did. These photos turned out beautifully, and you would have never known Henry and I felt super awkward half the time! I don’t know about you, but I’m not used to being lovey-dovey in front of a camera.

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to wear for these photos, and I purchased this dress with them in mind. On a typical day, I probably would’ve worn big earrings, a headband and maybe even layered a fur vest on top, but I knew I wanted something a bit more classic and clean for photos we would have forever. This dress felt feminine without being too overwhelming or detailed, and I love how the boots added texture.

MS: | sweater | shorts | earrings | booties |

H: | sweater | shirt | cords | shoes |

I knew we would have two outfits each, and I wanted one set to be a little more casual than the other. Here I chose to go with an all white theme, but I didn’t want to look summery. This ivory sweater with the lace sleeves was the perfect piece for the occasion, and I found a simple short to match. I completed the fall appropriate look with these suede booties I wear all the time.

If you are taking professional photos soon, whether they are engagement or for something else, choose an outfit that isn’t too busy and that complements you, not distracts. You will be the focus, not the clothes!

Thanks for stopping by! You can recreate our outfits by shopping the links above! XO, MS

photos: Perez Photography

The Proposal | 10.2.20

| dress | earrings | wedges |

Henry and I got engaged last Friday night, and we are just thrilled! He planned the most perfect weekend with family and friends from all over the country, and I walked away from the weekend feeling loved by all. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share how it all went down…

But first, I’m going to give you a little back story. Henry and I met freshman year on our way to church with a mutual friend. After that we became fast friends – studying together, going to basketball games and being each other’s date to formals. It wasn’t until the spring of our junior year that we started dating. Here we are 4.5 years later and engaged!

Henry proposed at SMU near the spot we first met. We walked up to an area on the boulevard covered in a blanket with flowers and champagne. He then gave me a letter to read. Of course it took me what felt like 20 minutes because I was so overwhelmed. I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on, so I had to reread many of the lines!! Sorry for the wait, Hank!

Also, shout out to his mom and sister for setting everything up!

THEN, he got down on one knee! This is something that Henry has jokingly done off and on throughout the years, but this time it was for real! When he opened the ring box, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was SO beautiful.

We were both shaking when he put the ring on my finger, and I honestly don’t remember saying yes. He says I did : )

Next we took a few photos with the photographer that Henry had booked. This is one of many things I’m so glad he did. She captured our expressions throughout the entire proposal which has been so much fun to look back on!

Of course we had to pop the champagne!

This is the spot where we met.

Once we enjoyed a moment together, we headed back to my house where our families were waiting. We had hor d’oeuvres and celebrated with them! It was definitely a surprise seeing everyone there.

Another shoutout goes to my roommate, Margaret, for making our home look beautiful!

And of course Murphy had to be there!

After we enjoyed some time with our families, we headed to Katy Trail Ice House where many of our friends were waiting! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN! I couldn’t get over how many of them had traveled to be with us for just a few hours.

THANK YOU friends and family for making all of this happen! We will surely remember this weekend forever.

I can’t wait to become Mrs. Shepherd May 15, 2021.

photos: Monica Salazar