Friday Finds


Happy Friday, y’all! Since I decided to focus Friday Finds on consignment shopping, I had to tell you about an event LGS is hosting. For a couple of days, Luxury Garage Sale is highlighting their “new with tags” clothing, shoes and accessories online. Below I picked a few of my favorites, but there are so many items I wasn’t able to share! Click HERE to see what else they’ve got!

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Flower Power


| dress | vest | loafers |

Guess whaaat? I bought this dress at a consignment store, BUT I found it online for you! It’s on sale too. Shoshanna is a brand known for its dresses: work dresses, church dresses and even evening gowns. I love this dress in particular because of the color and fabric. It’s a great transition piece that will take me into fall without making me sweat now. I can’t wait to add a fur vest and knee high boots (once temps drop)!

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Friday Finds


If you know me, you most likely know that I love consignment shopping. I’ve purchased pieces that I would’ve never bought at retail prices and pieces I haven’t seen in stores. A couple of my favorites are the Celine suede jacket and Cynthia Rowley ruffled dress that I found at LGS.

Because I love consignment shopping, I’ve decided to dedicate “Friday Finds” to amazing items I’ve linked from online consignment retailers. Take advantage of these great deals!


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Shoes and Accessories

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When Duty Calls…

IMG_3753 2IMG_3787IMG_3776IMG_3793IMG_3744

| dress | suede loafers 1, 2, 3 |

When duty calls… My photojournalism teacher assigned our class to take self portraits that represented our interests, so my first thought was to take a fashion related photograph. Thankfully, Luxury Garage Sale didn’t mind if I came by for an hour to rearrange their store and make a fool out of myself, definitely a perk of working for them… Not only is the store beautiful, but they also have one of a kind pieces matching the caliber of the decor. Thanks to LGS and my friend, Rena Clayton, this is the final product.

photos by: Rena Clayton Rolfe